Directions to Wendy Park

First timers to Wendy Park may find it a challenge to find. It's really not that hard to get to however, once you've seen the way.

Wendy Park is located on the immediate western shore of the Cuyahoga River where the river empties into Lake Erie. To get there, first head to Edgewater State Park which is located off of the West Shoreway or Highway 2.

The park is open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.


When exiting the West Shoreway (Highway 2) at Edgewater Park, you'll be heading North or towards lake Erie. Take the first (and only) road to the right, heading East.

This is the view of the road heading East from Edgewater Park. Follow the road around as it winds past the Sewer District Plant Operations (warning: the speed limit here is 25mph).

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The Huletts oar unloaders can be seen in storage along the route.
Continue driving East. You'll have railroad tracks to the South or right, and the Cleveland Port Authority will be to your left or between you and lake Erie. The road will end at the Whiskey Island Marina guard gate, which is the entrance to Wendy Park.


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