The (orignal) Cuyahoga County Plan for Wendy Park

A Brief Historical Perspective
The land that makes up Wendy Park and the Whiskey Island Marina has had a colorful and controversial past.  It's been home to early Cleveland immigrants, whiskey "bootleggers" (hence the name) and used for both rail and shipping transportation purposes.  In more recent history, Cleveland Industrialist Dan Moore led a group of investors that built and ran the current Whiskey Island Marina.  With much controversy, the land was purchased by Cuyahoga County in December 2004.  Dan Moore has been instrumental in the creation Wendy Park by contributing some of his own money for the initial land clearing phases.

The (orignal) County Plan
The City of Cleveland now owns the old Coast Guard Station at the point where the Cuyahoga River meets Lake Erie.  It offers incredible views of the city, Lake Erie, and of boat activities within the inter harbor.  Plans are underway to restore access to this local landmark and it ties into Wendy Park perfectly.
Northeast Point

Here's the current plan for the Eastern edge of Wendy Park.  The river edge is currently a concrete boardwalk on the Cuyahoga River.  The bottom right area, labeled "Riverview Deck" is very close to the Norfolk Southern train lift bridge.  The Eastern "ridge" offers simply incredible views of Cleveland, that up to now, few have experienced.
Southeast Point

Whiskey Island Marina is located on the Western edge of Wendy Park.  


The Western area has somewhat of a big change, as the volleyball courts that currently exist on the waterfront are to be re-located into the interior.


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Northwest Area

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