Construction Photos

Construction Photos from April 2005
Construction machinery taking a break.
View towards the lake and the closed Coast Guard Station.
Just west of the the railroad lift bridge. Note Terminal Tower in the bridge center.
The River Road lift bridge. There is no shortage of views of the Flats bridges from Wendy Park.
A city of steel bridges (the view from the volleyball courts).

Construction Photos from May 2005

Cleaning the beaches. Wood material will be chipped and used for park paths.
View the park now to appreciate the natural wonder that has been long overlooked and forgotten, right under our noises!
A different day, chipper in tow.
Spring time volleyball for the young Cleveland professionals of ClevelandPlays.  During the course of the week, Sunday through Thurday's, 100's of players stop down at Wendy Park each evening for sand volleyball and to enjoy the views of downtown and the Lake.

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