Wendy Park at Whiskey Island
Ohio's new Wendy Park
...on the shores of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland

One of Northeast Ohio's best kept secrets!
Visit Cuyahoga County's newest attraction, Wendy Park at Whiskey Island.  Step into the bowls of Cleveland's industrial past, and into the "heart of it all", a richly under visited area of the city.

Wendy Park, named for the beloved daughter of Dan and Marge Moore who lost her life in a skiing accident, is beginning to take shape on Whiskey Island. Restoring the environment, celebrating our community's history, and providing a natural retreat in the heart of Cleveland are the goals for Wendy Park. Visitors will be able to visit a natural shoreline with direct access to the lake, walk on trails and enjoy stunning views of Lake Erie, the Flats, and the downtown skyline (particularly at night).



"Ed" Hauser Way dedication May 2009

Cleveland Mayor Jackson helps dedicate Hauser Way at Wendy Park


Ed Hauser

Ed Hauser was a visionary civic leader. He dedicated significant time, energy and money toward preserving Whiskey Island for the people of northeast Ohio. On behalf of the Board of County Commissioners, the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission is working with Ed’s family and friends to explore how to remember Ed at Whiskey Island and Wendy Park.

We hope that visitors to Whiskey Island & Wendy Park will be able to recall the story of Ed Hauser, his involvement in preserving green space and understand Ed’s brand of citizen activism, as well as why Whiskey Island & Wendy Park were so important to Ed.


I Think Ed Hauser Would Like This - A Proposed Path To Wendy Park



Cleveland Coast Guard Station
The Wendy Park Foundation coordinates public access to the old Coast Guard Station!!


2013 Upcoming Events
July 26-27, 2013
Burning River Fest
Wendy Part at Whiskey Island
The Cuyahoga County funded bridge to Wendy Park.



Burning River FestivalEnvironment Awareness

The Burning River Festival 2007

Wendy Park Forest Area

Party Pole at the Buring River Festival
Live Music, Park, and Downtown Cleveland

Sponsored by the Great Lakes Brewing Company, the annual Burning River Festival is to raise awareness of environmental issues that affect our region.




Northeast Ohio's Latest Greatest Treasure!

For more information please visit the
Wendy Park Foundation

View of Cleveland from the SE corner of Wendy Park


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