Wendy Park's Grand Opening!

June 25th, 2005 - Cleveland Ohio


Northeast Ohio finally has much asked for Lake Access!
(but the battle to keep it is not over)

Wendy Park's new sign

Using stone that was found on Whiskey Island, Dan Moore's daughter Heather designed this park sign.  The background will rust, while the stainless steel lettering will continue to shine brightly.



Many thanks for supporting Wendy Park!

From left to right: Ex-Commissioner Tim McCormack, Marge Moore, Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, Dan Moore, and Cleveland City Counsel members Mike Polensek and Matt Zone.




Cleveland's Mayoral office didn't show up.  However James Draper, candidate for mayor this Fall, showed his support.  All of Cleveland's television networks and Cleveland Magazine covered the Park's grand opening.




Ed Hauser and Dan Moore prepare for the Park's christening.

Dan Moore's daughters Halle and Heather, Dan Moore, Jimmy Dimora, Mike Polensek, Matt Zone, and Ed Hauser at the Champaign toast.




Dan Moore
A man with a vision on what Northeast Ohio could be.


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